Top 8 Bat Speed Radar 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a good bat speed radar? Then you probably are well aware or at least know of the importance of having a good speed radar. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a veteran player, the Swing Speed Radar helps you take your swing game to the next level and optimize your space whether you do golf, baseball, or cricket. Its usefulness has made speed radar a must-have tool for many golf players.

To save your time from having to do all the research on a good bat speed radar, this article will tell you what to look for when buying one, and it will also provide you with the reviews of the good model. Now let’s take a look at the buying guide.

Buying Guides Of Bat Speed Radar

Bat Speed Radar is a powerful tool for trainers and instructors all over. It saves time and even enhances your golf performance. It helps to improve your performance by determining the best speed for optimum operation, quantifying your swing rate, and a device to measure club head speed your swing uniformity. It also senses the characteristics of the bat or club that better suits your style. The real-time feedback helps coaches and players determine trouble-shooting mechanics. Any golfers can use the tool to calculate the optimum swing, distance, and control.

When you are trying to find a good bat speed rather, there are THREE main things to consider and keep in mind.

Speed Sensor: look for a high-quality sensor radar to monitor and analyze your swing speed either via placing on the golf club, baseball bat, or cricket bat or by placing on flat areas near you.

Type: there are many types available for you to choose either with the clip-on or attach right to your swing tool either a golf club or baseball bat, or the speed gun type that might be used by a coach or trainer, or another type that you can place on a flat area near you to capture the shot which is great for self-training.

Lightweight & Compact: look for the lightweight model that comes in a small and compact size so you can easily use it when you are golfing or swinging the baseball bat. It would also be easy to put in your bag for easy travel.

Now that you are well aware of what to look for in a good bat speed radar, let’s take a look at the list of reviews of the 8 best ones below!

8. Supido MultiSports Personal Speed Radar Precision Training Instrument

Supido Multi Sports Personal Speed Radar Precision Training Instrument

This is a very easy to use Speed Rater from Supido with its lightweight and compact design. It has a durable frame for long-lasting use with a bridge LED display for distance viewing of the speed. You can use this hand-free operation speed reader by yourself either putting on a flat area or on a standard camera tripod. It has a distance range of 9 members and a speed range of 25 to 150 mph.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Distance range (ball): approximately 9 meters.
  • Bright LED display for distance viewing
  • Voice notification to announce reading speed.
  • Speed recall feature for last 10 sets
  • Move mode speed range: 25 to 150 mph

7. NET PLAYZ Odis-171 Speed Vision Plus Sports Radar

NET PLAYZ Odis-171 Speed Vision Plus Sports Radar

NET PLAYZ Speed Vision is an easy-to-use multi-sport personal speed radar that allows you to record instant and accurate speed readings from 3 to 150 mph. It has a speed recall feature up to 10 recorded speeds with voice notification to announce speed reading. It also has a large bright LED display for easy and distant visibility with hands-free operation. Record your stuff in real-time via a smartphone app to store and share on social media. It comes with a carrying case for easy transport, a battery, and a tripod.


  • Easy to use multi-sport speed radar
  • 3 to 150 mph speed recall
  • Store up to 10 recorded speeds
  • Voice notification
  • Record your stuff via phone app
  • Large LED display

6. Minch Smart Swing Analyzer MLB

Minch Smart Swing Analyzer MLB

This is a compact speed radar to analyze and improve golf swing measuring devices, swing speed, and bat path angle. It is a smart reader that allows you to personally train your swinging capacity with in-app training videos with analysis, tips, drills, and actionable insights. It has a precise 3D swing plane/swing path model and video capture mode to record your swings for playback with a large LED display. It allows you to store them to share and connect for comments and improvement. It comes with free replacement maintenance for one year.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Personal trainer with training videos
  • Large LED display
  • Precise 3D swing plane/swing path
  • Record and playback
  • Share and connect with other online

5. Stalker Pro IIs Sports Radar

Stalker Pro IIs Sports Radar

This is the Stalker Pro IIs, a personal training speed radar! It allows you to capture Ball Spin Rate with a hand-held radar gun. This compact model will enhance your ballgame experience! Stalker engineers have delivered the impressive analytics and record of Spin Rate from a hand-held sports radar gun, one of the most important pitch analytics. Spin Rate is now provided along with Peak and Across-the-Plate velocity, all in a single window with a large LED display with no delay, no estimation!


  • Measures Ball Spin
  • Hand-held model
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Consistent Speed Accuracy
  • Longest Range, no estimation
  • Impressive analytics with no delay

4. Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor

 Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor

Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor is the personal trainer for you to enhance your swinging game! It can be easily attached to the knob of your gift club, baseball, or softball bat during hitting drills. With this model, you can get instant feedback on bat speed, hand speed, elevation angles, and more. For digital analysis and connection, you can wirelessly connect it to the Impact app which also allows you to share your statistics with your entire team. It is also very easy to use with a small and lightweight model.


  • Attachment model to the knob of your club or bat
  • Instant feedback
  • Connect to Impact App
  • Digital analytics, shareable
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Record and playback swinging videos

3. Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level

 Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level

This is the pro-level pocket radar ball coach that allows you to record and analyze the fastest speed of a ball flying. This powerful personal trainer radar comes with automatic hands-free Constant-On Mode and an easy automatic triggering. It has a large built-in memory that allows you to store up to the previous 25 speeds for review. This radar increases hitting power to turn singles into extra-base hits. It is specifically designed to measure the ball speed with perfect accuracy and detail analytical review.


  • Hands-free Constant-On Mode
  • Auto triggering
  • Big built-in memory (25 previous speeds)
  • Able to measure the fastest speed
  • Lightweight
  • LED display for your convenient

2. Stalker Sport 2 Radar

Stalker Sport 2 Radar

This next-generation Stalker Sport 2 is the powerful and easy to use solution for your training and gaming. It has a massive 300-foot range and can easily measure ball speeds from 5 to 150 mph with ease. It quickly and easily measures pitching and running speeds with two active speed windows for certified accuracy. This model is capable of capturing release speed and plate speed simultaneously. It is also very simple to operate and it’s very lightweight and small for easy carrying in the carry case shipping box.


  • Massive 300-Foot Range
  • Measures ball speeds from 5-150 mph
  • High Accuracy
  • Captures release/plate speed simultaneously
  • Simple operation
  • Built by a reputable brand

1. Blast Softball Swing Trainer

Blast Softball Swing Trainer

This Blast Softball Swing Trainer is the complete hitting solution for you to improve your golf club head speed reader, swing timing, power, and efficiency. Using the Sensor Tech of NPF, it is a certified accurate swing analyzer that will give you real-time feedback and analysis. You can simply attach this small and compact radar to the knob of any bat, and the information will be captured and sent to a smartphone app. The information is easy to understand swing metrics and you can share them with social media or your teammate. It also has in-app training videos to improve your swing with video captures playback for reviews and shareable to social media.


  • Sensor Tech of NPF, high accuracy
  • real-time feedback and analysis
  • Easily attach to a golf club or bat
  • Easy to understand swing metrics
  • Digital analysis and connection to smart app
  • Video capture, and playbacks
  • Shareable training clips to the group and social media


And these are all the reviews of the 8 bat speed radar that would be the ideal tools for you to master that golf swing shot. After reading this article, we believe you are ready to go and get the best one for your swinging practice! Remember to consider the usability of the radar including the speed sensor, the type of the radar, and its design. Enjoy shopping and happy golfing!

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