Top 8 Best Ankle Braces For Basketball 2020 Reviews

As any avid basketball player knows, ankle sprains and strains are the number one injury sustained by players. Unfortunately, many players find themselves sidelined for several weeks, or even entire seasons, due to sprained or strained ankles, or torn ankle ligaments. Using an ankle brace, along with properly fitted basketball shoes, can help a player get back in the game sooner, and heal faster. To help you decide which ankle brace is best for you, we have compiled a list of the Best Ankle Braces for Basketball, including reviews and information on where to buy each one.

8. The SNEINO Ankle Brace

The SNEINO Ankle Brace

This is a great all-around support brace for all athletes. The thin mesh design means that it’s breathable and fits comfortably inside most shoes, while the adjustable velcro straps keep it in place even through activities like basketball, volleyball, or tennis. It features extra side stabilizers to prevent lateral roll injuries and promote faster healing. The thin mesh and lack of distinction between left and right foot might make this brace less suitable for those who have suffered severe ankle injures, but it’s perfect for mild-moderate sprains.

7. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

The Ultra Zoom features an excellent support system, perfect for those who have a history of multiple injuries to the same ankle, or who are recovering from severe sprains or torn ligaments. The plastic support pieces allow for a wide range of natural movement, without allowing the wearer to further injure or roll their ankle, though they do restrict movement to a point that may make it unsuitable for those with only minor or moderate injuries. This brace is extremely durable and can last for years of regular wear.

6. Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

The iFit and aFit technology used in these braces allows them to be customized to either the left or right foot, providing better stability, and allowing this brace to reduce pronation and supination. The Exo-Grid used for support also helps prevent high-ankle injuries by reducing the separation of the lower leg bones where they meet the ankles. The plastic support pieces do make the brace slightly less breathable, which may mean that it’s not a good fit for those with only minor injuries, and the price is a little high. Overall though, this is an excellent brace for those with moderate to severe ankle injuries, or those with minor injuries who also tend to pronate or supinate.

5. BioSkin Trilok

BioSkin Trilok

This brace is extremely lightweight, breathable, and flexible, and offers superior compression capabilities and customization depending on what type of injury is being treated. This is perfect for players with mild to moderate sprains, plantar faciitis, flat arches, and those who are prone to pronation or supination, although it’s somewhat less supportive than other brands, so it may not be suitable for severe injuries. It’s also slightly complicated to put on, as there are two bands depending on what type of injury is being treated.

4. McDavid Lace-Up Ankle Brace

McDavid Lace-Up Ankle Brace

Made of an extremely supportive, yet lightweight and breathable polyester mesh. The lace-up design means that the support and compression are completely customized to the wearer’s ankle. The steel side supports provide an extra layer of support, and protection from side rolls, though the lack of flexibility may be a hindrance to some wearers, especially those suffering from only minor injuries. The thickness of the material and side supports may make this brace somewhat uncomfortable when worn inside shoes, but it’s generally excellent for those with moderate to severe injuries.
Cost: $18.19-$60.36

3. McDavid Velcro Ankle Brace

McDavid Velcro Ankle Brace

This design features both laces and velcro straps, allowing for customization, as well as easy adjustment and flexibility. The design of the velcro straps mimics the support and flexibility of athletic tape, while allowing the breathability of canvas. This ankle brace is excellent for any ankle sprain. Be warned that the sizing runs slightly small.

2. Bracoo Ankle Support

Bracoo Ankle Support

Made of a lightweight, breathable neoprene, this is perhaps the most comfortable brace available with the level of support needed for mild to moderate ankle injuries. The velcro strapping pattern provides superior customization, arch support and lateral stabilization, while the open heel design promotes breathability and allows for maximum comfort while performing athletic activities. Possibly the best moderate-support ankle brace available for the price, though the lack of sizing options may make it unusable for those with very large or very small feet and ankles.

1. MedSpec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

MedSpec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The lightweight CoolFlex material used to make this brace allows for superior air circulation and comfort with maximum support, while the lace-up design provides customization and flexibility. This brace is excellent for most mild or moderate sprains and strains, although due to the lack of hard side supports, this brace is unsuitable for those with severe ankle injuries. The low-profile material fits comfortably inside of most shoes. Made in the USA, and machine-washable for ultimate convenience. Unlike most brands, MedSpec provides the option to buy either a single brace or a set of two, in a variety of sizes.

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