Top 8 Best Longboards For Cruising 2020 Reviews

Over the past several years there has been a noticeable increase in the purchase and use of longboards. Longboards differ from conventional skateboards as they are intended primarily for cruising and travel whereas conventional skateboards are intended for performing tricks and slides. Longboards have become increasingly popular amongst college students as a longboard offers a cool and efficient way to travel around campus, plus longboards are easier to learn how to use compared to conventional skateboards. Here is a list of the best longboards for cruising and are all available on Amazon.

8. SHINPORT 31 Inch Longboard

SHINPORT 31 Inch Longboard

This longboard by SHINPORT is a great starter board for beginner riders of all ages. This is a complete board meaning that it isn’t necessary to buy any additional items for the board, it’s ready to ride right out of the box.


  • 31in long makes this board easy to ride, turn, and stop.
  • Available in 3 unique artistic prints.
  • It’s constructed of a durable 8-ply maple wood deck.
  • The Softer 80A wheels make for a smooth ride and easier to cruise over cracks and small street debris.
  • Comes with ABEC-9 bearings which provides a faster ride.
  • The longboard comes with grip-tape and a skateboard tool.

7. Laguna Longboard Collection 36in

Laguna Longboard Collection 36in

This beach inspired longboard by Laguna not only looks great with its classic features but it performs great as well. This longboard features bamboo inserts with a maple wood core and is intended for cruising, carving, and freestyling.


  • It’s available in either a pintail, carver, or twin style deck.
  • Built-in wheel-wells intended to prevent wheel-bite.
  • Includes top mounted high-angle trucks which offer superior performance and a smooth riding feel.
  • Comes with 70mm wheels which are large enough to ride over most pavement cracks and small bumps.
  • Uses a sand-grip eliminating the need for regular grip-tape and gives it a classic beach look.

6. Happybuy MountainBoard 39in All-Terrain Longboard

Happybuy MountainBoard 39in All-Terrain Longboard

This unique longboard by Happybuy offers the ability to take a rider’s longboarding skills off the street and onto the dirt. This 39in all-terrain longboard is intended for freestyle, cruising, dancing, off-road, and downhill use and comes equipped with bindings.


  • Available in 3 unique grip-tape designs.
  • Adjustable board mounted bindings offer superior board control.
  • Constructed of a 9-ply maple wood deck.
  • Features an 85% rebound shock absorber and 85% rebound longboard polyurethane wheels making offroad riding comfortable.
  • Comes with 8in wheels and Abec-9 bearings which allow for easy riding over small debris.

5. Street Surfing Kicktail Longboard Cruiser

Street Surfing Kicktail Longboard Cruiser

This longboard by Street Surfing is a hybrid cruiser which offers a rear kicktail and comes in two stylish designs. This board is intended for worry-free street cruising and urban maneuverability.


  • Built with a rear kicktail ideal for performing jumps and tricks.
  • Constructed of a 9-ply deck for increased durability.
  • Uses 7in colored aluminum reverse pin trucks.
  • Offers 70A x 51mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-9 bearings for a superior ride.
  • Ideal for all ages and skill levels and is easily one of the best longboards for cruising.

4. ANCHEER Longboard 41″ Drop Down

ANCHEER Longboard 41

This pintail style longboard by ANCHEER is 41 inches long and is available in two graphics. This longboard is ideal for beginner riders of all ages and has a max weight capacity of 220lbs.


  • Constructed of a 9-ply Canadian maple wood deck.
  • Complete with trucks and wheels at a very affordable price.
  • Incorporates an underbody LED strip ideal for night riding.
  • Includes ABEC-11 bearings for a faster ride.

3. Atom Drop Deck 39in Longboard

Atom Drop Deck 39in Longboard

Atom Longboards presents this drop-deck style board at 39 inches and is available in 6 unique graphics. Drop-deck longboards are ideal for riders that enjoy speed and carving, they are especially good for downhill use.


  • The deck is constructed of a full maple laminate with a photo heat transfer graphic.
  • Utilizes reverse kingpin trucks on a 50 deg base and 180mm hangers.
  • Comes equipped with Atom Area 51 70mm x 78A wheels and Abec-9 Bearings.
  • The 46 grit grip-tape offers riders excellent support and grip.

2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

Magneto Bamboo Longboard

This classic looking longboard by Magneto is constructed of lightweight and durable bamboo. It is ideal for freestyle, carving, downhill, dancing, and cruising making it a great all-around longboard.


  • A drop through truck design which offers riders a lower center of gravity and creates a smoother ride.
  • Its dimensions are 38.5in by 9in making it perfect for carving and tight turns.
  • Its bamboo construction allows optimal flexibility and durability for years of use.
  • Lightweight for easy transportation while not riding.

1. Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Longboard

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Longboard

This is a unique drop through style longboard offered by Playshion and is available in a variety of designs and graphics. This is an ideal longboard for cruising, sliding, curving, downhill, freeride, and freestyle use.


  • The deck is constructed of an 8 ply hardwood maple material and carries a 7 flex rating.
  • Carries 7in reverse kingpin aluminum trucks.
  • Has 4in ground clearance due to the use of drop through style truck mounting.
  • The 78A wheels allow for a smooth ride but are hard enough for firm steering.
  • Lightweight at 7 pounds making it easy to carry and transport.
  • Complete and ready for use right out of the box.

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