Top 8 Drop Deck Longboard 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a drop deck longboard? If you are a skater, you would know the benefits of having a drop deck longboard for a different kind of skating. This big longboard allows you to skate in different style while allowing a sturdy support and durable use for everyday skating. Due to its effectiveness, drop deck longboards have become a popular model amongst beginners and advanced skaters.

To save your time from having to look through all the different types of drop deck longboards that are trending right now, this article will provide you with the features review of the 8 the best one for your satisfying purchasing decision! But before we dive deep into the reviews, let’s take a look at a short but concise buying guide.

Buying Guides Of Drop Deck Longboard

A longboard deck is a long hardboard you stand on when skateboarding. Longboard decks usually come in sizes between 33″ and 60″. What puts them aside from traditional skateboarding is their exceptionally long length and their unique shape. Longboards are flexible, you can skate on a longboard to do various options like cruising, carving, freeriding, downhill, and slalom. They also are a wise choice for commuting. So if you are looking for a good drop deck longboard, just remember to consider THREE things.

Material: you have to choose the materials that fit your needs. Maple is the most common one for longboard decks as they are very sturdy and enduring. Bamboo is also increasing in popularity. Another good one is carbon fiber that is the most expensive but also provides a pro-level quality and durability.

Type: there are different types for different needs from transportation, dancing, and freestyle tricks to racing. Keep in mind that there is a ton of crossover and the famous ones are freestyle, freeride, and downhill longboard deck.

Easy to Use Features: they vary in size but most are between 7″-10″ wide. Deciding which skateboard deck is best for you depends on what you will be skating and your personal brand preference but keep in mind the width, length, wheelbase, nose-tail, and kick for easy skating.

Now that you are well aware of what to look for in a drop deck longboard, let’s take a look at the list of reviews and Advantages of the 8 best cheap drop through longboard decks!

8. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

This is a freestyle 39″ x 9.1“ drop-through longboard for beginners and people who want to learn skating. It is made of a strong but flexible Eight Ply Maple Deck. This longboard can support up to 250 LBS weight, so it is very durable. The lower part is even as strong with 70x51mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings to ensure you get a smooth skating experience. It also features a solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks equipped with soft bushings for comfortable longboarding.


  • Freestyle 39″ x 9.1“ drop
  • Eight Ply Maple Deck
  • 250 lbs weight support
  • Durable PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings, 7” aluminum truck

7. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising

This is the ultimate bamboo Magneto longboard ideal for carving up the street! This Magneto board is designed to be perfect for carving with 3 plies of bamboo to give the deck great flexibility while the fiberglass reinforces the deck to add strength and durability for your long-lasting use. This carving longboard features a drop-through truck design for a lower center of gravity and a smoother ride. This Parus Style drop through truck design allows for stability and performance and gives you the best skating experience with a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees.


  • Bamboo deck with fiberglass reinforced
  • Ideal for carving
  • Smooth Paris style drop
  • 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees
  • Shallow concave design

6. Leeyoo Longboard Skateboard

Leeyoo Longboard Skateboard

This longboard from Leeyoo provides skaters with a full-size design of 41 x 9.5 inches with a vintage pattern for better control and easy brake. This is suitable for both beginners and pro-level skaters. It features a dense 8 layer Canadian maple wood skateboard with an emery non-slip surface for powerful grip skating that supports up to 250 lbs. The lower part of the deck is incredibly enduring with 50mm anti-shock PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and PU bushings. It features 7″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Trucks and steel axles for stable performance and long-lasting use.


  • 41 x 9.5 inch with vintage pattern
  • Better control, easy to brake
  • 8 layer Canadian maple wood
  • Emery non-slip deck, Support 250lbs
  • Anti-shock PU wheels with ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Thick aluminum alloy truck

5. OUDEW Longboard Skateboard

OUDEW Longboard Skateboard

This is another full-size design longboard that comes with a nice looking design for you to impress either you are beginner or pro. It has a vintage pattern and anti-slip deck for better control and easy brake. The 8 layers of Canadian maple wood skateboard can support up to 250 lbs so it is usable by both adults and teens. It is incredibly durable with 7” Aluminum alloy trucks. It provides you with smooth and fast skating with Super smooth 50mm PU wheels and PU bushings with ABEC-9 precision bearings. For easy repair, it comes with an All-in-One Skate T-Tool.


  • Full-size design
  • Vintage pattern, anti-slip
  • Canadian maple wood, support 250 lbs
  • Super smooth 50mm PU wheel and bushing
  • All-in-one T Tool for repair
  • 7” aluminum alloy truck

4. Yocaher Geometric Series Longboard Complete Cruiser

 Yocaher Geometric Series Longboard Complete Cruiser

This is a special vintage design for the best drop through longboard deck from Yocaher that gives off the 80s nostalgia vibe for you to impress other skaters. The geometric patterns utilize a limited color palette to embrace simplicity. It features the beautiful wood grain of the hard rock maple bottom layer to provide both a classic look and great durable performance. It is in the size of 40″ x 9.75″ and comes with a medium concave shape design. It features Q-Ball 70 x 52mm Solid Wheels, HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, and 180mm Hanger for stability and smooth ride.


  • Vintage 80s look design
  • Size 40″ x 9.75″, 7-Ply Maple wood grain
  • Medium Concave design
  • Q Ball Solid Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks with 180mm Hanger
  • Aluminum Alloy board

3. Movendless YD-0012 Longboard Drop

 Movendless YD-0012 Longboard Drop

The longboard deck from Movendless is made of 7 ply Canadian maple wood making it sturdy yet flexible. It is the ideal longboard for cruising, sliding, and curving. For your convenient and safe ride, it comes with an anti-slip brushed black surface deck, for your great performance and easy brake. It is very lightweight yet durable as it supports up to 220lbs. It features the durable 75*63mm HR78A PU wheels with ABEC-7 person bearing allowing you to enjoy that smooth ride.


  • 7 ply Canadian maple wood
  • Ideal for cruising, sliding, and curving
  • Anti-slip brushed black surface
  • Lightweight supports up to 220lba
  • Easy brake
  • Durable PU wheels with ABEC-7 bearing

2. PINESKY 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

PINESKY 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

This is a high-performance longboard from Pinesky that features a 41 x 9.5-inch full-size design with 8 floors of natural maple longboard skateboards. It is very sturdy and stable with ABEC-11 high-speed chrome steel bearing and 8 inches 181 aluminum truck. You can enjoy smooth skating with high-quality wheels of 70x51mm high elastic PU wheels with 81a hardness. It is also less bumpy with a shock absorption system with its PU shock absorbing ring. This carbon fiber drop through longboard provides effective cushioning and adds more comfort to your skateboarding experience either is it carving or freestyling.


  • 8 floors of natural maple longboard skateboards
  • ABEC-11 high-speed chrome steel bearing
  • 8 inch 181 aluminum truck.
  • High elastic PU wheels with 81a hardness
  • Shock absorb ring
  • Smooth and stable deck

1. Yocaher Blank and Checker Complete Drop Through Skateboards Longboard

Yocaher Blank and Checker Complete Drop Through Skateboards Longboard

This is the premium quality longboard deck from Yocaher that features a 9 Ply maple wood deck for incredible durability and stable performance. It allows you to have that flexible and safe ride with black widow premium 80A black grip tape for improved skaters’ grip and easy brake. Its 7″ HD7 Heavy Duty aluminum alloy truck ensures a stable and long-lasting deck ride with a 125mm hanger and grade 8 kingpin. For a smooth and fast ride, it is also equipped with 90A PU cushioning, ABEC-7 chrome bearings, and 78A hardness 70mm wheels.


  • 9 Ply maple wood deck
  • flexible and safe ride with 80A black grip tape
  • Improved grip and brake
  • 7″ HD7 Heavy Duty aluminum alloy truck
  • 125mm hanger and grade 8 kingpin
  • 90A PU cushioning for shock
  • ABEC-7 chrome bearings and 78A hardness 70mm wheels


And these are all the reviews of the 8 drop deck longboard for your skating game. This is a good longboard for you to take your skateboarding to the next level! Remember to consider the material of the board, its type, and the features of the board so you would get the best model to enhance your skating game! Happy shopping and enjoy longboarding!

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