Top 8 Power Wheels Gearboxes 2020 Reviews

It has come to us with no surprise how far the world of toys has become. Comparing to when we were children, toys nowadays are unimaginably different ranging from cooking utensils to miniature automobiles. Battery-powered cars, motorbike, and vehicles are very common and work great just like a real automobile!

These toys are designed to be very realistic with exciting features and great speed! You can even find models such as Harley-Davidson, Jeep Wrangler, Ford, etc. Today, we are going to look at the most important element to power wheels: the gearboxes.

There are so many brands and types of power wheels gearboxes in the market. However, not all of them offer the same quality and performance. To ensure that you get the best deal possible, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best power wheels gearboxes in the market. On top of that, here is a list of all the factors you need to consider when it comes to buying a power wheel.

Buying Guides Of Power Wheels Gearboxes

Battery: When it comes to buying a power wheel, the battery determines almost everything. It determines the run-time of your power wheels. The battery shouldn’t take too long to charge either. You should not compromise the quality of the battery just to save a few bucks. On top of that, the battery should also have a high power to weight ratio! Lightweight batteries would be great as it will not bog down your power wheel and reduce its performance in the long run.

Remote Control: We understand that most of us are buying power wheels so that the children can drive themselves. However, it is also a great addition if it comes with remote control. For inexperienced children, it could be a challenge at first to work with the brake and accelerator. An ideal car should have an alternating option of manual operation and a remote commanding. Parents would also be able to play with their children and be more involved. Quality time!

Extra Features: Your power wheels should also come with extra features such as safety belts, a key start, an entertainment system, and such. It would enhance your kids’ playing experience to be more realistic as well as keeping them safe from harm. Some electric cars even come incorporated with MP3 functionality or AUX and USB ports for the ultimate enjoyment. There are also other features to look for such as the style, age appropriateness, and such to consider. Now, let’s explore the best power wheel gearboxes in case you require a better motor for your power wheels off-road tires.

8. RAYMONT Gearbox 12 Volt Motor for Kid Trax

RAYMONT Gearbox 12 Volt Motor for Kid Trax

The best power wheels gearboxes is the RAYMONT gearbox 12V motor for kid trax. As the title suggests, this is a 12V gearbox made for AVIGO Kid Trax ride-on toys. At 12 voltage, it can support up to 10000RPM. It is compatible with Dodge Police Car, Beetle, Mercedes, Marvel Halk UTV, and such. This motor is easy to install with an exact fit. Safe and quick to install! It has a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. With this motor as a replacement, your kids are sure to enjoy greater power and speed with their power wheels!


  • 1-year full replacement warranty
  • Compatible with most power wheels
  • Long life expectancy

7. uxcell Gearbox for Power Wheels

uxcell Gearbox for Power Wheels

The next best product on our list is the uxcell gearbox for power wheels. This one is a DC 6V that can support the speed of up to 14000 RPM. Its dimensions are as followed: 12mm shaft hole diameter, 185mm in length, and 92mm max-width and a 35mm motor diameter. The 6V-550 drive motor gearbox can be used to replace and upgrade your kids’ power wheels or any ride-on electric cars. It features a quick-change connector that requires little to no soldering when it comes to installation and removal! The product comes in a package that includes both the gearbox and the motor.


  • Great voltage and speed
  • Quick-change wire connectors
  • Upgrade power-wheels and electric car

6. RTH 550 30000RPM Gearbox with 12V Motor

RTH 550 30000RPM Gearbox with 12V Motor

For those who are looking to upgrade the speed of their kids’ power wheels, this product is for you. Ranked 6th on our list of the 8 best power wheels gearboxes, this is the RTH gearbox by the brand WSJ. This RS550 motor features a speed of up to 30000 RPM! This high-speed drive engine is about 2-3 times faster than the original gearboxes and most options on the market! To ensure the perfect fit, you can just refer to the Model Number on the motor and your power wheels. As we mentioned, this is specially customized for car modification and compatible with most kids’ gearboxes.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Higher speed than most motors on the market
  • Specially catered to car modification

5. RS390 12000-20000RPM Electric Motor Gearbox Drive Engine Ride for Kids

RS390 12000-20000RPM Electric Motor Gearbox Drive Engine Ride for Kids

The fifth-best power wheels gearboxes of the top 8 best products in the market are the RS390 electric motor gearbox drive engine ride for kids by the brand Wal Front. You can choose between the 6V or 12V options. This motor has a speed of between 16000RPM and 20000RPM. This motor is compatible with most kids’ rides in the market. With this gearbox, your power wheel is sure to get a boost in terms of vigor and speed! Perfect for speed maniac!


  • Perfect for speed and strength upgrade
  • 2 options available
  • Compatible with most kids’ rides

4. NSD Gearbox 12 Volt 35000RPM for Power Wheels

NSD Gearbox 12 Volt 35000RPM for Power Wheels

Next on the list is the NSD gearbox for power wheels as the fourth-best power wheels gearboxes. Similar to the previous products on our list, this is very versatile and can be used with most children riding toys. You do need to make sure that the purchased part has the same number or appearance as the original one. It has a great power of up to 12V with a speed of 350000 RPM. This is by far the most powerful and fast motor on our list. The shaft hole diameter is around 20mm with a length of 200mm. This is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their power wheels 6-volt battery replacement.


  • Great power and speed
  • High compatibility
  • Durable and high-quality

3. HD 550 12 Volt Motor Gearbox for Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT

HD 550 12 Volt Motor Gearbox for Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT

The third best power wheel gearboxes are the HD motor gearbox. This HD 550 is a 12V drive engine with great speed. It is made from a high-strength plastic board as well as a high-quality motor. As a gearbox, it is suitable for the majority of most kids’ rides. You will not have to worry about installation as it is very easy to replace with its universal dimensions. You just have to simply learn the model number from the motor as well as the car. Your kids will be able to enjoy a more powerful and speedy ride effortlessly.


  • High-strength plastic materials
  • High-power and speed
  • Easy to replace

2. Gearbox with Motor for Kids Powered Ride

Gearbox with Motor for Kids Powered Ride

This electric motor gearbox is made of a high-quality plastic board. This premium quality product is guaranteed to be long-lasting, heat dissipation, and durable! With this product, you can use it for your rear-wheel drive for high speed, low noise, and wear-resistance performance. You can use it as a replacement for any kids’ power wheels, cars, remote control cars, motorcycles, and other modifications. With its great speed of 1200RPM, this modification is sure to bring the speed and power you need.


  • Premium quality materials
  • High speed, low noise, and wear-resistance
  • Great compatibility

1. Akozon Gearbox with High Torque 12V DC Motor for Kids Ride

Akozon Gearbox with High Torque 12V DC Motor for Kids Ride

The best power wheels gearbox to the best power wheels gearboxes on the market is the Akozon gearbox. This 6V/12V drive engine has a great speed of 8000-23000RPM which is perfect for kids’ carriage modification. It is made of a high-quality plastic board combined with a high-quality motor with low noise and high torque. This gearbox is greatly compatible with the majority of kids’ power wheels of all kinds. We guarantee an exact fit and easy installation, but you need to check the size of the gear before purchasing.


  • Great speed and torque
  • Easy to install
  • High compatible with most kids’ rides


All in all, we hope that those who are looking to replace or upgrade their power wheels metal gearbox find our article helpful! Before making your purchase, make sure that you know your purposes and the details of the gearboxes and rides to ensure a good purchase. Remember to read everything carefully. Happy Shopping!

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