Top 8 Remote Control Cars For Kids 2020 Reviews

When shopping for gifts for kids the toy options can be overwhelming. Remote control cars are fun and enjoyable for both kids and adults. They can be used for racing or just cruising around the neighborhood. Many remote control cars can be used both indoors and outdoors, so they can be used at parks, the mall or beach. Prices are affordable and good quality vehicles will provide many hours of excitement.

8. Exercise N Play Remote Control Car

Exercise N Play Remote Control Car

Remote control cars for kids is a popular gift. They are great for any gift giving occasion and is always enjoyed by the receiver. The exercise n play remote control car is affordable and fun. When fully charged the car will provide around 20 minutes of play. With a well-constructed design, it has a shock absorption system allowing it to run on all terrains. The car will be able to withstand anywhere you direct it, as the inner components will be protected by the shockproof body. Another impressive feature of the car is the battery compartment. There is a button that will release the battery compartment for quick and easy access. There is also a turn off feature that will protect the car. If the temperature of the receiver exceeds a pre-set temperature it will not work until it has cooled off.

7. Fisca RC Car Remote Control Stunt Car

Fisca RC Car Remote Control Stunt Car

Remote control cars for kids are fun, but stunt cars are even more exciting because kids like to see the car navigate around obstacles. The Fisca remote control stunt car has a rugged design with a plastic body and rubber tires. Maneuvering the car forwards, backwards, turning and 360 degrees flipping will provide a lot of fun. Operating at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz it is possible to play with more than one car simultaneously without interference. The car is built with two motors to give it speed.

6. Hapinic RC Car with Two Battery

Hapinic RC Car with Two Battery

The cool thing about this car is that it not only runs on the ground, it will be also be able to handle grass; it can even run on sand. The car is designed at a 1/18 scale. This monster truck will be able to work with other vehicles at the same time as it has an anti-interference feature. It only takes around 60 minutes to charge, unlike other remote cars that can take longer. The battery has a slightly longer running time, compared to other cars, of 30 minutes. The truck will be protected by the shockproof system and will be able to withstand play time and time again. The wheels are anti-skid making this truck able to move between terrains seamlessly.

5. IMDEN Remote Control Car

IMDEN Remote Control Car

This car will be able to handle all terrains. It is designed to handle grass, roads, tracks and sand. The racing car is also water resistant, although it is not recommended to be fully immersed in water. The car will be able to handle a lightly wet surface as the vehicle will be protected from the liquid. The body of the car is designed to withstand crashes. The car is crash-proof so if it crashes into a wall or other hard edged surface the body of the car will not be damaged. Springs are installed on the car to buffer impact against uneven and rough surfaces. The springs help to reduce the vibration on the car and protect the car. Equipped with a torque motor the car is fast and does not slow down even on turns.

4. Double E Monster truck

Double E Monster truck

This monster truck will be a good addition to remote control car for kids; or the first monster truck for anyone who likes remote control cars. This monster truck features anti-lock braking system tires. With working headlights the monster looks very realistic, but the user does not have to worry about damage. The suspension of the car keeps the body far from the ground so the vehicle will be safe on rough terrains. Also, being anti-crash, the car is both powerful and fun to use. The person behind the controller will be able to drive the car on pavement, gravel and even mud at ranges of 260 feet. This monster truck will not sustain any damage on most terrains. It also features rubber wheels which are anti-skid. The body of the truck is also shockproof which means the truck will be able to withstand heavy use without being damaged.

3. KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

This police car will be entertaining for kids who like remote control cars. The car features working lights, a working horn, siren and an engine that revs. There is even a 100% money back guarantee. This car is easy to use for children as young as 3 years old. If needed the sounds on the car can be switched off for a quieter experience. The battery will last around 30 minutes fully charged. As many as 6 cars can be used at the same time. This can allow children to play together without the cars interfering with each other. Having non-slip wheels, the person behind the remote can easily race or chase other cars. There are no complicated controls on the remote and the car responds very quickly to the controller.

2. NQD Off-Road Rock Crawler

NQD Off-Road Rock Crawler


The design on this car is impressive. The car transforms between on-road mode and off-road mode with just one click. The “Bionic Spine” of the car allows the car to twist and turn for completing stunts. The durable construction and flexible body will allow drivers to use this car for a long time. The strong design allows for use on grassy areas, sand, and rugged conditions. The car can even climb up a 45 degree slope. There are two motors providing power for an enjoyable experience. The car is made with non-toxic plastic making it safe and protected for use by children.

1. EpochAir Rc Car

EpochAir Rc Car

The EpochAir car has both a wall mode and a floor mode. When switched to the wall mode the car climbs and runs on walls, the ceiling, even on windows. While in the floor mode the car moves faster than other racing cars. The car features a 360 rotation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions enabling it to perform stunts in any direction. Rotation functions work in both the wall mode and the floor mode. There are working LED lights on the rear and on the front of the car. While driving forward the front lights brighten and turn blue and while in reverse the rear lights brighten and are red. The solid construction protects the car from breakage if the car should fall from the ceiling or gets off course from the wall.

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