Top 8 Toys For 8 Year Old Boys 2020 Reviews

There’s something scientifically intriguing about boys and their love for cars, trucks, motorcycles or any vehicle on the road. They have a need for speed. Before arrival males have a penchant for vehicles. The love of trucks seems to dominate when they first realize these monsters are on the road. As they grow, their love and need for speed only increases. Eighteen wheelers passing by capture their attention until out of sight. The impact forcing them to notice each as they try to determine which is the largest, the fastest and the most awesome. That interest then migrates to which one they want when ‘growing up.’ Never squelch those interest. As a parent we are the stewards of their destiny. Allow them every opportunity to experience and one day, those dreams will come to fruition. Encourage those interest so they will be prepared when life takes them to their just rewards. To help parents with their purchase decision, we have prepared a list of the eight best top toys for 8 year old boys.

8. Pidoko Kids Transport Car Carrier Truck

Pidoko Kids Transport Car Carrier Truck

The Pidoko is a Limited-Edition Toy Play Set. The set is perfect for an 8-year-old boy. The set includes 12 vehicles: 8 cars, 2 Trucks and 2 Helicopters along with the Carrier. A handle is on top for ease of handling/carrying. In addition to the storage area for the vehicles included, there is additional storage on both sides for additional cars, trucks or even motorcycles. Your son can enjoy this by himself or he can have friends over to compete and compare.

7. JOYIN 11 in 1 Die-Cast Construction Truck

JOYIN 11 in 1 Die-Cast Construction Truck

Perfect for your 8-year-old construction lover, is this entire construction kit. With 11 mini construction trucks stored in one large carrier truck your little construction mini might will be the king of the group. The set includes a Helicopter, Dump Truck, Wheel Loader, Backhoe, Mixer, Road Roller, Excavator, Bulldozer, Carrier and two more vehicles vital in the construction business. The set is great for hand-eye coordination and early pre-school education development. Used in a sandbox, your 8-year-old son will have hours of fun. The toy conforms to US Toy Standards and is made of Toxin Free materials.

6. JOYIN 10 in 1-Die-Cast Military Truck

JOYIN 10 in 1-Die-Cast Military Truck

He is ready to follow in dads’ footsteps so number 6 on the list is a Military Truck transporter. This Army vehicle will intrigue not only those who have a family history of military veterans, but the one with his own desire to one day join the fight for freedom. It comes with 10 mini military trucks including 2 helicopters, a tank, an armored car, a long truck, a jeep, an anti-air vehicle, a pickup truck and more. A perfect birthday or Christmas present for the 8-year-old boy who has an interest in the military and all its units.

5. WolVol Friction Powered Transport Car Carrier Truck

WolVol Friction Powered Transport Car Carrier Truck

With lights, sounds and a Ramp, the WolVol is one of the everyday trucks we see as we drive along the highway. Nothing competes with the WolVol Friction Powered Transport Car Carrier Truck which makes it a major loader on the road. It has 4 sound buttons and lights that work interchangeably. The front cab moves. Your 8-year-old son can turn it like a real working model. Bold yellow, green red and blue colors make it excite any child peaking their interest. Batteries are included.

4. iBaseToy Trucks Transport Car Carrier

iBaseToy Trucks Transport Car Carrier

On our list is an educational Vehicle Toy Car set including 8 mini cars, 2 off-road vehicles, 2 Helicopters, 2 roadblocks, a town map, and slots for an additional 28 cars, trucks, helicopters, motorcycles, or the vehicle of choice. The iBaseToy Carrier has a car slide in at the front of the tractor. Your 8-year-old will never have more fun than when playing with this lifelike carrier.

3. iBaseToy Toy Cars, Transport Car Carrier Truck

iBaseToy Toy Cars, Transport Car Carrier Truck

An educational vehicle ideal for the 8-year-old boy who shows a love for construction is the iBaseToy enhances educational development skills of your 8-year-old with his comprehension, imagination, shape recognition, creativity, hand-eye coordination and cognitive processes. It has an easy carry handle at the top. The push and move design require no batteries.

2. MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck

MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck

There’s Jurassic everything, everywhere which makes the Dinosaur Transport Car Carrier Truck right in line. Top action movies of the century include dinosaurs of every form and shape. With that said, it is only natural one of the top toys for 8-year-old boys be dinosaurian. The MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Carrier includes 6 dinosaurs. There are 7 additional compartments for your choice of dinosaurs, cars, or trucks. With translucent lids, your child’s dinosaurs are readily on display.

1. Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

An ideal toy selected for your 8-year-old is the Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier. He will love this carrier truck with it’s many features. The Carrier includes 6 cool die-cast racing cars, construction signs, construction cones and constructions road blocks. It has 28 slots for cars, trucks, helicopters, motorcycles and more. It has a detachable rotating cab allowing ease of turning in any direction. Your 8-year-old son will love the way it glides and maneuvers around corners. The truck has a carry handle on top.

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